Erna Witoelar

Ms. Witoelar is the former Indonesian Minister of Human Settlements and Regional Development (1999-2001), former UN Special Ambassador for MDGs in Asia Pacific (2003-2007), and a former Commissioner of the Commission for Legal Empowerment of the Poor (2005-2008).

She founded the Indonesian Environmental Forum and has served as President of the Indonesian Consumer Foundation and of Consumers International. She is currently a Board Member of several CSOs including the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation, the Indonesian Sustainable Development Foundation, the Earth Charter International based in Costa Rica, and the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium based in Manila.

She is a recipient of the UNEP Global 500 Award during the Rio Summit in 1992, the Earth Day International Award at the UN in 1993, and the Indonesian Presidential Medal for the Environment in 1995.

She is married to Mr. Rachmat Witoelar, former Minister for the Environment and currently presidential advisor on environmental issues.

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