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Upcoming SHF Events

The CDIA Stakeholders Forum is currently organizing a series of events during the first halve of 2011: Mid-March 2011: Sub-regional meeting for Southeast Asia to be held in Jakarta Late-March 2011: Sub-regional meeting for South Asia to be held in Mumbai Mid-year 2011: Annual meeting of the wider Stakeholder Forum, tentatively identified for ...

4th Asia Partners Workshop

9-11 March 2010 - Jakarta, Indonesia. CDIA is supporting UCLG-ASPAC as they jointly work with FCM and VNG International to organise the 4th Asia Partners Workshop taking place in Jakarta from March 9th to 11th, 2010. The first workshop was held in Phuket in March 2007, the second in Manila ...

4th CDIA Programme Review Committee Meeting

6 November, Manila, Philippines. The Program Review Committee (PRC) meets approximately twice a year. The mandate of the CDIA PRC is to provide policy guidance to the CDIA Core Management Team (CMT) and other CDIA partner agencies on to how CDIA should fulfill its long-term aim of contributing to the ...

2nd CDIA Stakeholder Forum

5 November, Manila, Philippines. The CDIA Stakeholders’ Forum periodically convenes (typically once per year) to inform the CDIA management structure of the demand for CDIA services, reactions to CDIA services rendered, and more generally acts as a forum for stakeholder dialogue on all CDIA matters. The Stakeholders’ Forum comprises representatives of ...

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