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Cambodian Cities Get Ready for their Projects through the Second Wastewater Management Training

November 1, 2017


CDIA held the Second Wastewater Management Training on 16-19 October 2017 in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It was participated by around 30 officials from Cambodian cities of Kampong Chnnang, Pursat, Serei Saophoan, Stung Sen, and from the Sewerage Management and Construction Department (SMCD) of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) Cambodia.

Dushanbe Water Supply and Sanitation Project Makes Headway with Urban Resilience Workshop

November 1, 2017


As part of the Dushanbe Water Supply and Sanitation Project, an urban resilience workshop was conducted on 03 October 2017 to orientate city officials on the concept of ‘urban resilience.’ A total of 18 participants from the City Administration and Dushanbe Vodokanal attended to help identify and prioritize the stresses and shocks that challenge Dushanbe’s resilience.  The work they did is expected to guide project design, including adaptive capacity.

CDIA Shares Insights on Localizing Finances

October 30, 2017


In order to feature the implementation experiences of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) from selected projects worldwide, GIZ headquarters hosted the conference title, “2030 Agenda – From Theory to Practice” from 26-27 of October in Eschborn, Germany.

CDIA Talks about Sustainable Urban Public Transport at the Local Economic Development Forum in Tbilisi

October 25, 2017


Mobility conditions in Tbilisi, Georgia have worsened in recent years due to high road congestion, increased car ownership, and poor quality of public transport, among others. The good news is that the wheels of change have already been put into motion by City Hall, which highlighted the topic of sustainable urban transport at the 10th International Forum for Local Economic Development (LED), held 13-14 September 2017 at The Biltmore Hotel in Tbilisi.

In one of the sessions titled, “Future Cities,” CDIA’s Senior Urban Environmental Engineer Neil Chadder shared how CDIA is working closely with the city government in shifting towards sustainable urban public transport. “What we at CDIA are helping the City to do is to make public transport the most attractive option. People make individual choices, but let’s make the choice easy for people,” he said.

SDG 9 – Naga City Shows How to Build Resilient Infrastructure while Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization

October 23, 2017


Natural disasters affect men and women, children and other vulnerable groups differently due to varying economic structures, social practices and responsibilities. And it is well known that this divergence in their vulnerability to climate change impacts increases, the lower the socio-economic status of an area gets. For Naga City in the Philippines, this situation is […]

New Ferry Terminal Complex Enhances Travel Experience of Passengers in Iloilo City

October 16, 2017


At least 3,500 daily passengers between Iloilo City and the touristy Island Province of Guimaras in the Philippines are now enjoying a better way to travel with the opening of the Parola Terminal Complex that CDIA helped to plan in 2008. The terminal was established  via a public-private partnership (PPP) mechanism.

CDIA Shares Insights on Linking Development Projects to Downstream Financing

September 27, 2017


On 18 September 2017, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) hosted the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center of the Philippines’ forum titled, “Invest PH: PPPs for Local Government Units (LGUs)” as part of ADB’s ongoing Technical Assistance to the agency. The event aimed to introduce the PPP Center’s program to the LGUs; and to reaffirm the commitment of PPP Center and its partners to assist them in developing PPP projects as well as identifying financing and development partners to help them bridge the planning and financing gap.

Enhanced Solid Waste Management Practices Create Positive Impact on Community Health in Battambang City

September 26, 2017


Solid waste is a major environmental pollution and is responsible for spreading harmful and infectious diseases. To tackle the municipality’s pollution problem, CDIA assisted the city of Battambang in 2010 in reducing the public health risks of improper Solid Waste Management (SWM). Seven years later, CDIA found out from its tracer study mission that the city’s enhanced SWM practices are now contributing to better public health and living condition for its residents.

Capacity Development Assistance Taken to New Heights in Kaili City

September 23, 2017


Capacity development has always been an integral part of CDIA’s project preparation assistance to Asian cities. But in Kaili City, PR China, this integration has been taken to a higher level.

In early 2017, CDIA approved the application of Kaili City to enhance their East Green Public Transport Hub Project, which seeks to meet the growing transport needs of its residents, as well as tourists who are drawn by the numerous minority cultural heritage structures in the city. When implemented, the hub is envisaged to help integrate the city bus terminal with intercity short-, medium- and long-distance bus terminal, tourism center and commercial businesses.

CDIA Identifies Priorities for the Rehabilitation of the Tbilisi Metro System

September 23, 2017


Through its pre-feasibility study (PFS) in Tbilisi, Georgia, CDIA recommended specific rehabilitation works for the city’s metro system – and do it quickly to ensure the safety of its 144,500 daily passengers.

Tbilisi Metro opened in 1966 as one of the earliest systems in the former Soviet Union. Currently, it comprises two lines, one from Akhmeteli to Varketili and the other from Moedani to Vazha-Pshavela with a total length of 27.1 km. It is operated by the Tbilisi Transport Company (TTC).

Despite effective management and stable performance, CDIA found out that the metro system needs urgent rehabilitation since most of its components are outdated and dilapidated, with significant public safety concerns.

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