The Support Process

Application Procedure

  1. Assessment of likelihood of meeting eligibility and qualifying criteria in initial discussion between local (and state/national) government staff and CDIA CMT.
  2. Preparation of formal support request by the local authority in the prescribed format and with support documentation demonstrating that qualifying criteria are met.
  3. Review of support request by CDIA for approval by funding partner .
  4. Approval/ rejection of support request by funding partner and its communication to applicant by CMT. Conditional approval pending clarifications/ submission of additional information may be possible, so that steps 3 and 4 may be repeated.

Following approval of the support request a technical assistance contract agreement will be entered into between the applying local government and (one or more funding partners of) CDIA, specifying details of the assignment, sources of funds and consultant recruitment procedure.

Application Processing

After receiving your application, CDIA implementing partners or the CDIA core management team will:

  1. Establish initial contacts between CDIA and potentially benefiting city administrations.
  2. Assess city-perceived problems and their direct and indirect contexts.
  3. Define the scope of possible CDIA support.
  4. Submit application for CDIA support.
  5. Review and approve the application and identify support source.
  6. Establish a project preparation Technical Assistance agreement between the applicant and the CDIA/funding partner.
  7. Prepare ToRs for consultancy/advisory support services.
  8. Procure consulting services.
  9. Supervise assigned consultants.
  10. Hold a dialogue with potential funding organizations for subsequent investment support.
  11. Assess assignment outcomes, including PFS results.

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