CDIA Centers of Learning

CDIA aims to implement strategic choices envisaged to provide knowledge and innovation support to stakeholders, most particularly the cities.

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What is the CDIA Centers Of Learning?

One of the ways for CDIA to fully carry out its mission is to be a Catalyst for Innovation in bridging the institutional gap on sustainable urban infrastructure investments.

In 2013, the concept of establishing Centers of Learning was put forward to CDIA’s Core Management Team (CMT) and the Program Review Committee (PRC).

Centers of Learning (COL) are cities which can provide inspirational examples in preparing infrastructure investment projects and in securing financing for these through innovative ways.

CDIA is aiming for 20 cities that have applied processes from the CDIA Centers of Learning and have strengthened capacities to prepare sustainable urban infrastructure investments.


What are the benefits of being a Center of Learning?

Study Visits
Elected officials and technical staff of local authorities acquire knowledge and skills in the best possible manner through experiential learning. It is when they visit actual projects and are able to exchange ideas in person to other elected officials and technical staff that creative ideas could be born. Based on the Centers of Learning experiences, the secondary cities could forecast the feasibility of a similar project and/or finding more innovative project concepts.

Participation in Global Events
Cities can present their case studies in national and international events, through CDIA and 3rd party sponsorships

Cities can be linked in the twinning activities of other CDIA partners (e.g CityNet ) and to national associations of local authorities.

Integration with National Paratner Organization (NPO) Workplans
Cities can be integrated into the CDIA NPO workplan (i.e. they will be part of CIIPP training deliveries and new PFS proceedings in the country thus enabling them to coach secondary cities)

Event Site
Cities can host regional and international CDIA events to showcase their city to boost tourism or gain public attention for important urban issues.

Criteria in Selecting Cities

Four general thematic areas form the core criteria in selecting Centers of Learning. A CDIA partner city is ideal to be a Center of Learning if it has any or all of the following elements:

  1. Improved mid-term infrastructure investment programming that was enhanced by the implementation of CDIA’s Comprehensive Infrastructure Investment Programming and Prioritization (CIIPP) tool.
  2. Better project formulation through integrating improved approaches for pro-poor development, climate change responsiveness, and or gender sensitive urban infrastructure.
  3. Linkage to finance through effective management of a PFS process and identifying external financing options.
  4. How selected enhanced staff capacities have made the city more competitive and facilitated the city’s linkage to finance.

Performance Measures


2014 WORKSHOP: Strengthening City-to-City Learning

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