Young Asian Professionals Program

CDIA’s goal is to train, mentor, and strengthen the professional skills of talented individuals.

In 2010, the Young Asian Professionals Program (YAPP) was established by CDIA to help enhance capacity among Asia’s young urban practitioners.

CDIA’s goal is to train, mentor, and strengthen the professional skills of talented individuals from selected organizations which show a strong commitment to contribute to city development in Asia.

The YAPP offers unique opportunities to work as part of CDIA, enabling practitioners to develop capacities within Asia to take an increasingly greater role in the direction-setting and operation of CDIA’s work.

What Can The YAPP Do For You?

  • Enhanced Professional Experience: As a member of the CDIA team, you will take a 6-month assignment where you will gain valuable on-the-job experience.
  • Regional Experience: The YAPs will participate in several missions to partner countries, which will offer opportunities to experience firsthand the challenges cities face in the implementation of their investment programs and also familiarize YAPs with CDIA’s in-field procedures and approaches.
  • Independent tasks and responsibilities: The YAPs will be given a terms of reference in line with their strengths which will include a set of expected tasks and outputs to achieve during his/her participation in the program.
  • Post Program Placement: Upon successful completion of the orientation, the YAPs will return to their original organization. Upon return, the YAP will be expected to be designated as the focal point for co-operation between the home organization and CDIA to collaborate on areas of knowledge sharing and event staging.
  • Networking: During their placement, the young professionals will also interact with a range of CDIA’s international and regional partners and key stakeholders. These interactions will offer further insights and opportunities for learning and exchange on a range of professional topics and development objectives that are being pursued both globally and regionally.

Training Inputs

  • Young Professionals Orientation: YAPs will receive an orientation to become familiar with CDIA operations so that they can integrate into the team smoothly and efficiently and potentially undertake activities in CDIA nodal offices.
  • Individual Training: Opportunities will be sought by CDIA to enroll YAPs in relevant capacity-development programs. The YAPs will have opportunities to participate in regional seminars and workshops through CDIA’s partner network.
  • Mentoring: While at the CDIA Head Office in Manila, the YAPs will be assigned to a Core Management Team member as a mentor that will coach them in understanding application of CDIA procedures, and guide them through practice.

Support and Benefits

Aside from enhancing your skills in urban planning and development and learning from international experts in the field, the YAP will receive:

  1. Stipend
  2. Health, Life, and Accident Insurance
  3. Paid Leave
  4. Relocation Travel Costs
  5. Relocation Grant
  6. Capacity Development Fees
  7. Visa Assistance

Your role as a YAP

  1. You are expected to make significant contributions to CDIA’s work program as you gain knowledge of CDIA’s policies and work.
  2. After the successful completion of the program, you will return to your employer organization and will be expected to become the focal point for cooperation between your organization and CDIA to collaborate on knowledge sharing, capacity development, and events.
  3. You will offer support to local government entities to help them bridge the planning-infrastructure gap, focusing on urban service delivery to strengthen project programming and prioritization.
  4. You will make significant professional contributions within your home organization as part of the expert teams offering operational support to client cities.
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