Procurement Guidelines

CDIA offers opportunities for both firms and individual consultants.

CDIA offers opportunities for both firms and individual consultants. These pages contain information about proposed projects and contract awards. You can also find guidelines on our procurement procedures.

As a consultant specializing in Asian urban development issues, you are also able to register either individually or as a firm with CDIA helping us identify potential service providers. Additionally, there is the opportunity to make your professional/ corporate profile public in the event that cities and other similar entities are seeking professional consultant support for their own initiatives.

Of interest to city governments is the registry of consultants. If you are a registered user, you have access to the consultant registry where you can possibly find specialized consulting services sorted according to the specialization needed and/ or country experience.


In coordination with its funding partners, CDIA procures consulting services to conduct pre-feasibility studies and support in project identification for urban infrastructure investment planning and programming for its partner cities.

CDIA fully supports competitive bidding procedures believing that open competition is the basis for efficient procurement. The main objectives of the procurement procedures is to identify the most economically advantageous tender and for CDIA to be able to field consultants promptly.

Applicable procurement procedures have been agreed upon in collaboration with the respective financing agencies. CDIA is basically following two procurement options under either the ADB or GTZ procurement guidelines.

Please refer to the respective websites of ADB and GIZ for the most up to date information procurement procedures.

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