Procurement Notices

CDIA offers opportunities for consultant firms and individuals. This section shows information about proposed projects and contract awards that CDIA is processing through its funding partner procedures. For the most current and accurate status of individual procurements, the information contained on the ADB and GIZ websites are to be taken as correct.

Expression of Interest

Cross-border Economic Cooperation Infrastructure Development Project, Yunnan Province, China

Applications are now being accepted for the Expression Of Interest (EOI) of qualified companies to carry out the technical assistance for the Cross-border Economic Cooperation Infrastructure Development Project in Yunnan Province, China.

Lincang City is located in the south-western part of Yunnan province and shares its border with Myanmar for about 290 kilometres. Lincang is in the path of a shorter alternative route from Kunming to the Indian Ocean on the Kunming-Lincang (China)-Nashio-Kyauk Phyu (Myanmar) economic corridor. The Sino-Burmese cross-border area provides platform for bilateral trading, technical exchange, and logistic of goods for more than two decades and Lincang has an active interaction with neighbouring Myanmar. However, the cross-border infrastructures lag behind the economic and social development needs and this projects intent to bridge this situation.

Active Procurement Notices

There are currently no active procurement notices.

We would encourage you to check back regularly as well as go to the websites of our procurement partners to see other opportunities:

Awarded Contracts

The following list contains CDIA procurement notices that have been awarded through CDIA’s funding partners’ procurement processes.

Country /City China – Guiyang
Reference no. GTZ Contract no. 81104353
Name/ address of consultant Poery Infra (Hannover) GmbH, Calenberger Esplanade 3, 30169
Contract description Pre-feasibility study on urban public transport. Re-visiting assessment of the master plan for the entire system and phases. Identify most suitable technical, operational and financial solutions as well as implications and impacts on public budget, social and economic development and environment and to provide on the job training for city government officials
Contract amount Euro199,207.75
Date contract awarded 03 November 2008


Country /City China, Guiyang
Reference no. GTZ Contract no. 81104352
Name/ address of consultant GITEC Consult GmbH, Bongardstr 3, 40479 Duesseldrof, Germany
Contract description Pre-feasibility study on water resource rehabilitation including identification and development of priority project with significance and effectiveness for reduction of pollution of water resources suitable to be packaged for financial support.
Contract amount Euro171,646.00
Date contract awarded 25 August 2008


Country /City India, Chennai
Reference no. GTZ Contract no. 81106266
Name/ address of consultant DHV B.V. Laan 1914 no. 35, P.O.Box 11323800 BC Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Contract description Pre-Feasibility Studies for infrastructure investment in the related areas of waterways rehabilitation and solid waste management
Contract amount Euro258,891
Date contract awarded 01 October 2008


Country /City India, Chennai
Reference no. GTZ Contract no. 81106268
Name/ address of consultant GHK Consultants India Private Ltd. (An Associate of GHK, United Group, UK) 304-305 Lotus Chambers, 2079/38 Nalwa Str. Karol Bagh, New Delhi, 100 005 India
Contract description City Development Plan Investment Program Review and Institutional Development Support
Contract amount Euro238,582.50
Date contract awarded 01 August 2008


Country /City Indonesia, Banda Aceh
Reference no. GTZ Contract no. 81105825
Name/ address of consultant GOPA Consultants, Hindenburgring 18, 61348 Bad Hamburg, Germany
Contract description Prefeasibility study for the riverfront city development project what will include economic and infrastructure development, environmental infrastructure, urban transport and tertiary infrastructure.
Contract amount Euro196,217.50
Date contract awarded 25 September 2008


Country /City Philippines, Iloilo
Reference no. GTZ Contract no.83015941
Name/ address of consultant Consultants for Comprehensive Environmental Planning Inc. (CONCEP)1856 Asuncion St. Santiago VillageMakati City, Philippines
Contract description Pre-feasibility study on Development of the Parola Eco-Port Project and Downtown CBD Revitalization Project. Development of a marketing plan for other MIGEDC infrastructure projects
Contract amount PHP 5,180,000.00
Date contract awarded 28 March 2008
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