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Holiday Greetings

Dear Partners,  Before 2023 ends, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all of you who have been part of the CDIA journey in the past 16 ...

Siem Reap on the Path to Becoming a Healthier and Cleaner Tourist City

“The new sewerage system will be extremely helpful for my family and community, as well as for the tourists, as we are a tourist city,” said Mr. Oeng ...

Bringing Water and Sanitation Services to Cambodia’s Provincial Cities

Access to water supply and sanitation services is a major challenge in Cambodia. Out of the country’s 16 million population, 12 million, or 72% lack access ...

CDIA Progress Report for January-June 2023

In its latest Progress Report covering January to June 2023, CDIA highlighted its milestones as it started on a new five-year strategy period. The interactive report ...

Zu Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit and Its Life-Changing Impacts

“The Peshawar BRT played a major role in expanding my search for employment in distant precincts, which otherwise would not have been possible due to ...


Since 2007, we have worked with over a hundred cities across Asia and the Pacific to promote a sustainable and resilient future.

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