Transport, cooling system in SRP growth study

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CEBU: Phase one of the Priority Infrastructure Investment Plan for the South Road Properties (SRP) had recently been completed by the Asian Development Bank-Cities Development Initiative for Asia (ADB-CDIA), Cebu City Hall officials said yesterday.

City Planning and Development Officer Paul Nigel Villarete said among the priority infrastructures being studied are the district cooling and the internal transportation system within the reclamation property.

Villarete said the SRP’s internal transportation system will be connected to Cebu City’s proposed main Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

Villarete said they have requested for the comprehensive pre-feasibility study of both the internal transport and the main BRT system.

“The internal transport system is intended to minimize car use and maximize the use of affordable, convenient, efficient and comfortable public transportation and discourage the use of private cars in going around the SRP,” Villarete told CDN.

Aside from transportation, Villarete said a district cooling project is also proposed to minimize airconditioning use and address environmental issues.

He said the feasibility study will identify and use all thermal sources including methane gas from the nearby landfill.

“For all you know the landfill operator may want to do the district-cooling. We’ll never know unless we run through the numbers. That’s why we need a study. If they sell methane gas, how much?,” Villarete said.

“If we use the methane gas from the landfill, that’s an additional co-benefit because methane itself is a very notorious green house gas (GHG), much more destructive to the ozone layer than carbon dioxide (CO2),” he added.

Pre-feasibility studies on selected infrastructures and projects will begin in the next two weeks, Villarete said. The city government submitted their comments and requests for the proposed infrastructure projects.

“In general we noted and accepted the Phase 1 report and will be using their recommendations, especially the data, information, projections and analysis in proceeding with the SRP’s development,” Villarete said.

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Marian Z. Codilla

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