Effective Urban Infrastructure Programming Course

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Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cities Development Initiative for Asia,
Third Country Training Programme
Effective Urban Infrastructure Programming Course
8 November to 19 November 2010

The Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Singapore has co-organized a joint training program entitled “Executive Short Course on Effective Urban Infrastructure Programming”. The objective of this course is to enhance city government knowledge on effective urban infrastructure planning, programming, financing and implementation of strategic investment projects which contribute to sustainable urban development in the Asian region. The course will be held on 8 – 19 November 2010 in the city state of Singapore as part of the Singapore Third Country Training Programme under the Singapore Cooperation Programme. The Civil Service College (CSC) of Singapore will mainly conduct the training program with inputs of experts from CDIA and other relevant agencies.

Participants from an invited city will be composed of a three-person team of either the Mayor or the Vice-Mayor and two senior technical local officials who are directly responsible or involved in infrastructure planning and implementation (i.e. department head of planning or engineering).  The Mayor or the Vice-Mayor will stay for the first two days of the ten-day training course while the two senior technical staff will have to complete the 10 days of the program.

The course is to provide participants with opportunities to gain exposure and understanding of innovative approaches, mechanisms and tools for effective programming, structuring and financing for implementation of strategic urban infrastructure investment projects that contribute to more sustainable urban development.

By the end of the Course, the participants are anticipated to have a clearer understanding of:

  1. the ingredients for successfully bridging the gap that often exists between the wish-list of projects identified in city development plans, and implementation of strategic infrastructure investment projects;
  2. how selected aspects of the Singaporean success story can be adapted and applied to their own city circumstances;
  3. how to apply innovative approaches, mechanisms and tools that will support formulation of a plan for action by the end of this event
  4. of initiatives and supports available to strengthen competencies and skills of cities in preparing bankable urban infrastructure investment projects.

Under this programme’s Terms of Award, the Government of Singapore will sponsor the local hospitality (which includes accommodation, training fees, local transportation, and accident and hospitalisation insurance in Singapore) while CDIA will sponsor the travel arrangements and training allowance.

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