Introduction to Pre-Feasibility Studies (PFS)

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Introduction to Pre-Feasibility Studies (PFS): Translating Urban Development Strategies into Bankable Projects

CDIA and AIM-CDM share a common objective in supporting sustainable urban development in Asia. Recognizing the role played by urban management professionals and local governments in city development and the need for innovative responses to the challenges of urbanization and migration, CDIA and AIM-CDM have developed a knowledge partnership to build the capacity of urban development managers/ professionals and local chief executives of mid· sized cities in developing countries in Asia.

Together, they are offering a 5-day course focusing on the Pre-feasibility Study (PFS) mechanism as a means to help cities ‘bridge the planning/ urban infrastructure investment gap’.  The course builds on basic management concepts and techniques: strategy, technical analysis, finance and economics, and social and environmental analysis.

Through application of the PFS mechanism at city level, this scoping exercise will allow the city decision-makers, potential funders and/ or investors to make an initial determination whether a city’s strategic investment projects demonstrate viability in economic, social and environmental aspects. A positive PFS can then provide a sufficient level of confidence to subsequently proceed to a full feasibility study (FS) needed to determine the scope and detail to carry such a project or program to full implementation.

The course objective is for cities to develop a better understanding of the scope and steps to investment programming to qualify for CDlA support; to provide urban management practitioners an appreciation of the new directions in investment programming as an input to the PFS process; to introduce and institutionalize the PFS process as an essential tool in city development for identified cities applying for CDlA support; and to equip city officials and managers with management tools to better work with CDlA consultants in city development, particularly at the feasibility study stage.

The pilot course is designed exclusively for senior officials of mid-size Asian cities (500,000 to 2 million in population) that qualify for CDlA support.

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