Trained CIIPP Facilitators

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21 representatives from 13 institutions in 7 countries participated in a training event entitled “Country Adaptation/ Rollout of the City Infrastructure Investment Programming and Prioritization (CIIPP) Toolkit” 23-26 May 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand. The event focused on training the participants as facilitators to assist cities in implementing the CIIPP Toolkit. Additionally, the participants contributed their knowledge and experience to fine-tune adaptation of the Toolkit to the specific country context and formulated a rollout schedule for the next steps.

This Toolkit was developed by CDIA to assist cities and municipalities throughout Asia to do a better and more structured job in urban infrastructure planning, prioritisation and programming. This toolkit facilitates the first step in the process from a wish list to a shortlist of infrastructure projects ready to be presented to financiers and project developers. With this first phase of facilitator training the collaboration between CDIA and a select number of national partners will help meet the demand from cities for external facilitation to undertake implementation of this Toolkit.

The list of participating institutions as well as other information on the CIIPP Toolkit can be found at this link: CIIPP Toolkit

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