Executive Summary Battambang Pre-feasibility Study

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The “Urban Environmental Infrastructure Improvement Project – Battambang, Cambodia” was performed for CDIA during 2010. Main issues were:

  • Sewerage / wastewater collection and treatment
  • Drainage
  • Solid Waste management

The existing Wastewater treatment plant was covered at a very limited extent, so CDIA decided to perform a separate study of this plant, in the form of a pre-feasibility study. This was performed by Sweco International AB during November 2010, and is presented in this report. Field work in Battambang was done 8 – 18 November.

The present status and load of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of Battambang City was reviewed. It was found that the present load is low, probably due to sludge deposits in the influent sewer pipe. There is however no possibility to measure the influent water flow to the existing plant. The treatment efficiency of the plant is not known, because water quality analyses are not carried out.

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