Executive Summary Cochin Pre-feasibility study Ferry System

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This investment proposal is one of three investment proposals developed under a transport sector prefeasibility assessment (PFS) for Cochin, India. The PFS was jointly funded by the Cochin Corporation and the Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA), and conducted between December 2009 and June 2010. The outputs of the PFS include an innovative transport sector strategy for Cochin, together with three high-priority transport sector investment proposals for immediate implementation. These proposals include ferry services, priority bus lanes, park and pay and pedestrian over bridges, and pedestrian precincts with supporting park and pay facilities. This report addresses the investment proposal for the ferry services.

The proposal firstly summarizes the status, constraints and challenges facing Cochin‟s transport sector, leading to a summary of the innovative transport sector strategy which has been developed for the city to meet these challenges. This then leads into a presentation of the proposed ferry service investment proposal, providing technical, financial, economic, and social and environmental safeguard analysis for pre-feasibility due diligence. The proposal also provides a preferred implementation schedule for the initiative, and recommends institutional restructuring and strengthening activities necessary to assure long term viability of the investments. There is considerable public private partnership (PPP) opportunity in the ferry services proposal. The PPP potential is also therefore addressed.

Formulation of this PFS has only been possible due to the vision and leadership provided by the Corporation through the Mayor Professor Mercy Williams. In addition, the support and contributions of Mr R.K. Singh I.A.S., Secretary Local Self Government Department, Dr. M. Beena I.A.S., District Collector, Mr T.K. Jose I.A.S., Managing Director Road and Bridges Development Corporation of Cochin, Mr Ajit Patil I.A.S., Corporation Secretary and former Mayor, Mr K.J. Sohan are gratefully acknowledged by the project team.

Two public stakeholder workshops were held during the course of the PFS. These provided invaluable insights on the issues of most concern to residents and businesses in Cochin. The project team expresses its thanks to all those who attended, participated and contributed in so many ways to the thoughts and strategies developed for this investment proposal.

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