Executive Summary Guiyang Pre-Feasibility Study – Water Supply

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The main source of drinking water and industrial water for Guiyang City and surrounding urban areas comes from Hongfeng Lake, Baihua Lake and Aha Reservoir (THE THREE PRECIOUS WATER VATS OF THE CITY OF GUIYANG). The LAKES 1 and its catchment are badly polluted and to improve and protect this precious supply of drinking water the City has initiated corrective measures led by the formation of the “Bureau of Two Lakes and One Reservoir” (Bureau 2L-1R) entrusted with the task to bring the LAKES to an acceptable drinking water standard. To facilitate the improvement of water quality the Bureau 2L-1R prepared a list of 22 projects that are meant to either directly or indirectly (eg. monitoring) will address and rectify the prime causes of pollution.

The 22 projects were appraised and are discussed separately later in the Report in Section 3 “Individual Project Analysis and Recommendations”. However because all these projects are interlinked and related in some manner it was found best to group them into two large projects (Project Package 1 and Project Package 2) suitable for international funding. The two projects prepared for international funding are presented in Section 1.2 “Two Packages Recommended for International Funding” which follows the executive summary.

The grouping of the projects is related to the pollution they address and is briefly discussed below to put the recommendation made in the greater context of pollution control in the catchment. We must never lose sight as we evaluate individual components or ideas that the contribution they make must be seen as to their effectiveness in the overall objective of reducing pollution in the most effective and affordable manner.

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