Executive Summary Iloilo Capacity Building Plan

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Executive Summary

MIGEDC needs to capacitate itself if it were to assume a more proactive development coordinative role in the region.   This can be done through training and institutional development — essential elements of an effective capacity building program.  Undertaking one without the other often leads to meaningless results.

MIGEDC has undertaken several initiatives to build its capacity.  One of which is the MIGEDC Capacity Building Plan 2015 developed by The International Urban Partnerships Program in 2007 that set capacity development priorities based on several performance areas.   The Plan’s recommendations are supported by subsequent studies e.g. the Metro Iloilo Guimaras Project assisted by AusAID and this CDIA project.  These studies have proposed several areas for training to strengthen its capacity in coordinative work, planning, project development and implementation including those that involve participation from the private sector and non government partners.

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