Executive Summary Iloilo Pre-feasibility study – Ferry System

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With its proximity to Iloilo City, its beaches and idyllic farms and rural places, activities in Guimaras are expected to grow. If this growth is to be nurtured, the gateways to the island province – the ferry stations – need to be more than just mere utilitarian piers for loading and unloading. Hence, the development vision is one that sees the pier sites as modern ferry stations complete with public parking, dedicated drop-off points, comfortable terminal lobby and ticketing space, shaded and safe loading arcades, and support conveniences such as decent dining places, attractive souvenir shops, and clean public toilets.

Focus of this study is the individual commuting via outrigger pump-boats from points in Guimaras Province to Iloilo City and vice-versa. The number of daily commuters moving into Iloilo is reported at 5,870 from Jordan and 4,800 from Buenavista. Commuters between Iloilo and Guimaras are estimated to be over 4.2 million passengers annually. Apart from it natural population growth, the ferry ridership is expected to expand further with the contribution of an emerging tourism market. Guimaras Provincial Tourism Office has logged about 150,000 tourists annually.

The Project aims to improve and modernize the Parola, Buenavista, and Jordan landings to cater to the needs of an expanding number of daily commuters between Guimaras and Iloilo, and to enhance the tourism industry which is a vital element of the Metro IloiloGuimaras (MIG) region’s economy.

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