Executive Summary Ulaan Baatar Pre-Feasibility Study – Energy Efficiency

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Executive summary of the proposed Programme

Pre-cast concrete panel buildings from the socialist period represent a major part of the housing stock of Ulaanbaatar, the world’s coldest national capital. They comprise 47.000 housing units, sheltering approx. 20% of the total population of more than 1 million inhabitants. These buildings are not insulated and are in a poor state due to a lack of maintenance. Most are connected to a city wide heating system which was partially upgraded through an ADB financed project. The current heat pricing system lacks incentives for efficient use of energy, capital and capacity. Heat consumption is not metered; the residents are billed a fixed, square meter based fee, estimated to reach less than 30% of the full cost recovery level.

The point of departure of the CDIA pre-feasibility study was a pilot project, equally financed by the Ulaanbaatar City Government and GTZ, which thermo-technically rehabilitated a panel building in 2007. The technical specifications of the rehabilitation indicate potential heat energy savings of approx. 50 – 60%, with substantial reductions in CO2 emissions.

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