Indian Urban Partnership

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CDIA signed a Letter of Intent with 5 organizations in India on August 12, 2011. With the signing of the LOI, CDIA formally enters into a collaboration agreement with these 5 reputable institutions in the field of urban development, namely:

  1. Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI)
  2. Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT)
  3. National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA)
  4. Society for Development Studies (SDS)
  5. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

The partnership aims at undertaking a concrete number of activities that includes:

  1. The localization and testing of the CIIPP tool and roll‐out in various cities
  2. Participation in a PFS training
  3. Preparations for the Indian Urban Forum

Furthermore, the partners will be exposed to CDIA work by participating in CDIA in‐city activities.

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