Annual Stakeholder Forum Meeting November 28 in Bangkok; and On-line SHF Survey

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As previously announced, the 3rd annual meeting of the CDIA Stakeholder Forum will take place November 28th in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Stakeholder’s Forum represents the ‘demand-side’ of the CDIA programme and provides an opportunity for members to provide feedback on selected issues so as to help guide the Initiative to make it more responsive to the local and regional needs.

A copy of the Draft Agenda can be downloaded here. For those that wish to attend, but have not yet sent in their registration form, we urge you to complete it and send it in by November 9th, a copy of the Registration Form can be downloaded here, or you may visit this link for an online version of the form. CDIA is able to provide the SHF with a limited number of sponsorships to attend, and these are primarily to support members from city organizations in attending the event. Others will be considered if funds are still remaining.

Concurrently, as for previous meetings, we would ask you to take a few minutes to also complete the SHF Survey by November 15th. It can be accessed by clicking the following link:

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