High Level Policy Roundtable: Incentivizing Asia’s Urban Future. November 2011. Manila

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The CDIA supported High-Level Urban Policy Roundtable held at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila, Philippines on 14 November 2011, saw an eminent group of twenty political leaders, leading urban specialists and concerned civic leaders, deliberating on the role of Asian cities in the world economy and what Asian cities should do in order to maintain and enhance their competitive edge, while ensuring that their development is inclusive and sustainable.

The group called upon Asian countries to make urbanization (and urban infrastructure development in particular) a key instrument for enhancing growth, combating poverty, addressing climate change, and serving as a stabilizing factor in the regional and global economic system. The focus of the Roundtable was on the need to develop institutional mechanisms providing adequate incentives to make this happen.

The Roundtable discussions led into the formulation of a Manila declaration on incentivizing Asia’s urban future. A Background Paper had been prepared and circulated as the basis to facilitate discussion among participants to the High-level Roundtable.

Copies of the Summary Report and supporting documents may be downloaded here:

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