Expert Group Meeting on extracting lessons learnt from the recent Bangkok floods:

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People are evacuated on trucks from a flooded area in Bangkok’s suburbs

Working towards a more inclusive and integrated approach to urban infrastructure development

CDIA, in collaboration with CITYNET and the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA), contributed input to an Experts Group Meeting bringing together a select number of urban specialists from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and Korea, held March 8-9, 2012 in Bangkok. The objective of the meeting focused on extracting common insights that could be gleaned from the recent flooding in Bangkok and other urban floods elsewhere in Asia.

While much discussion has previously focused on technical solutions for flood control, many of the associated problems can be traced to incomplete decisions on urban infrastructure investments and implementation. Many of these original decisions suffered from not taking a more integrated view to project development. Additionally, the lack of an inclusive approach in making investment decisions resulted in impacts being most severely felt by low-income communities.

The proceedings of the event are being documented into a set of lessons learnt that can be of relevance not only to Bangkok, but to local governments in the region and will be distributed through the CITYNET and CDIA networks.

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