Pro-Poor Urban Infrastructure Investments

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Pro-Poor Urban Infrastructure Investments: A Guide for Municipalities

A Guide for Municipalities

This publication is intended as a practical guide for mayors, local government officials, sector specialists, planners, and other decision makers involved in the programming and design of urban infrastructure projects in medium-sized cities.

The Guide aims to

  • facilitate understanding of concepts and issues related to the design of infrastructure projects that will directly or indirectly benefit the urban poor
  • assist local government officials, sector specialists, and project planners in the formulation and design of pro-poor infrastructure investment projects
  • stimulate change and motivate mayors, local government officials, and other decision makers in medium-sized cities to make use of pro-poor infrastructure investments in their cities with an eye on increased competitiveness; this should be a two-pronged approach to both urban development and poverty reduction

You can download a copy of the guide by clicking this link:Useful Publications

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