Executive Summary Cebu Pre-feasibility Study – Urban Transport

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Integrated Transport Planning Ltd. (ITP) has been employed by Cities Development initiative in Asia (CDIA) to support Cebu City Government in the development of the public transport strategy for SRP. Phase II was presented to an executive meeting of the council in June 2011. The strategy takes full account of the Cebu BRT Pre-Feasibility Study approved by Cebu City Council in June 2010. The phase II report included:

  • Incorporation and phased introduction leading to the eventual service by the World Bank funded Pilot BRT route (assumed operational in 2015)
  • An additional BRT style route operating along the coastal road between North Bus Terminal and Talisay
  • An interim High Quality Public Transport Route to operate between North Bus Terminal and Talisay in order to support early development within SRP in advance of the World Bank BRT route.
  • Both the Interim Route and the eventual BRT service require the internal road within SRP to be built incorporating BRT ready infrastructure.

Phase III developed these strategic principles and has developed costed infrastructure proposals (up to outline engineering design) and an operating service plan/business case for services using that infrastructure.

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