Executive Summary Naga Pre-feasibility Study – River Revitalization

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Naga City is a City with a rapidly growing population, increasing from 160,516 in 2007 to over 170,000 today and with a daily transient population boosting its day-time population to over 200,000. The economy of Naga City is heavily dependent on tourism and is a major pilgrimage site, with the famous Peñafrancia river procession held each September. The river, therefore, is seen as being the heart of the city, but has over the years become more and more polluted such that the water quality of the river along this route has deteriorated to Grade D1 in parts, unsafe for any form of use. The need to take action to protect the river has long been recognised and so while the NRRP was first proposed in 2010, it has much earlier origins that go way back to at least 1996. In 2010, a competition, Salog kan Buhay, was held by the City for the best concept for the revitalisation of the river. The City’s Draft Comprehensive Development Plan 2010-20 developed the idea of “Naga River Revitalization Project (NRRP)” – an urban governance initiative to revitalize the Naga River through physical rehabilitation, water pollution control and greenway development. In 2011, the City Government submitted a request to Cities Development Initiative in Asia, CDIA, for technical assistance to support the realisation of the NRRP, a Pre-Feasibility Project that covered interlinked infrastructure issues of the river including (1) the development of the river walk, (2) flood mitigation and drainage, (3) sanitation, (4) solid waste, (5) river transport, (6) redevelopment of Isla Sison, a relocation site, and (7) the development of a tourism strategy and (8) a capacity development plan to complement the other proposals. The relevant results for investments are given hereafter.
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