Urban Infrastructure Finance Workshop

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The Linking Cities to Finance – Urban Infrastructure Finance Workshop entitled “Boosting the Economy by Infrastructure Development” will be held on July 5, 2012 in Shanghai, China. The Linking Cities to Finance Forum was borne out of the 2010 conference held during the Shanghai Expo and serves as a discussion platform in which key actors from the public and private sectors work together in finding solutions for the development of sustainable urban infrastructures by linking projects to alternative sources of financing.

The Urban Infrastructure Finance Workshop is co-organised by Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange (SEEE) and Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA). The workshop aims to understand what is needed to promote an urban infrastructure finance exchange in terms of debt financing and equity investment, and how programs such as CDIA and institutions like the Shanghai International Centre for Infrastructure Finance (SICIF) can facilitate participation by potential financiers and investors. It will also provide a platform for dialogue and cooperation among various stakeholders at the domestic and international levels.

Please click this link to download the Programme and Registration Form:
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For the Form in 绠€浣撲腑鏂(Chinese) please click here

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