First Stakeholders’ Forum Expert Group Meeting

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A Stakeholders’ Forum Expert Group (SHF-EG) was established to consider a number of strategic items and provide the Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) Program Review Committee (PRC) feedback from the demand-side perspective. The SHF-EG, established in 2012 as part of instruction from the PRC to restructure the Forum, is comprised of individuals from CDIA’s existing network of demand‐side partner organizations representing Partner Cities, Local Government Representative Associations (Regional/National), Implementing Partners, Financiers and Advocacy Groups.

The SHF-EG held its first meeting on September 24, 2012 in Shanghai, China, back-to-back with the CDIA PRC meeting (held on September 25, 2012). The meeting focused on a number of demand-side issues that centered on addressing three (3) topics:

  1. Demand and value-added aspects for CDIA services, mechanisms and products in relation to helping link cities to financing for their urban infrastructure investment projects
  2. Enhancing cross-cutting impacts; and
  3. Emerging new areas of demand for CDIA interventions

A summary of the key recommendations was presented at the PRC by two representative members of the SHF-EG. A copy of the report will be forthcoming and made publically available.

To view a copy of the summary please click this link: SHF-EG Presentation
To view more images from this event please visit our Facebook page: CDIA Facebook

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