Short Course on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): Training for Facilitators

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The Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) will hold a short course for facilitators, based on CDIA’s Public-Private Partnership Guidelines for Municipalities on 2-4 July 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. The course, the second phase of a series of PPP trainings developed with participating National Partner Organizations (NPOs), focuses on the implementation of PPP projects by cities.

The Guideline offers an innovative view to help local governments understand how to approach a potential PPP project and to review some issues that may come up in the process. Course Participants will get the chance to utilize the concepts and approaches in mock up cases and real case studies from municipalities in Asia.

This Training Course is only open to existing CDIA National Partner Organizations.

To download a copy of the Training Program please click the following link: Short Course on Public-Private Partnerships Training Program

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