Project Kick-off: PFS on District Cooling/Heating Co-Generation Project (CCHP) in Xiaolan

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Eight months after a CDIA led fact-finding mission, a consulting team has finally been established and mobilized for the Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) on District Cooling/Heating Co-Generation Project (CCHP) in Xiaolan, China. Part of this mission is to ensure that everyone involved understands the scope of work and key elements of the Pre-Feasibility Study.

A small-scale meeting was held on 27-28 June 2013 with representatives from CDIA, PMO and Consultant TL/DTL. It was agreed at the meeting, that the focus of the Terms of Reference (TOR), would be the Combined Heating Cooling and Power Production System (CCHP) of the Yongan Power Plant for district energy supply, which was earlier confused with the Distributed/Decentralized Energy System (DES). Consultants will locate a feasible area for the Yongan Power Plant and identify its output capacity since there are plans to upgrade in the future. Other sources of energy would also be considered to anticipate future demand and meet the needs of the growing city.

CDIA presented the PFS Guidelines at the meeting that would assist stakeholders and the consulting team in achieving a common understanding of the requirements and manner of cooperation to deliver quality outputs. The Consultant Team Leader also presented an in-depth study methodology of the project.

The mission was successfully carried out and the possibility of visiting related projects in Taizhou and Suzhou Industrial District was raised as part of capacity building.

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