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CDIA approves Pre-feasibility study for Valenzuela City, Metro Manila

February 7, 2014

Ms. Felicidad Narvaez , Senior Municipal Finance Specialist (UN-Habitat- CDIA) shows the results of the CIIPP tool.

Ms. Felicidad Narvaez , Senior Municipal Finance Specialist (UN-Habitat- CDIA) shows the results of the CIIPP tool.

After preliminary meetings with Valenzuela City former Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian and then the current Mayor Rex Gatchalian in mid-2013, the CDIA has approved Valenzuela City’s Pre-feasibility Study (PFS) last January 2014.

The PFS will explore and identify the structural measures addressing flood mitigation and drainage improvement; the non‐structural measures aiming at resilience of urban infrastructures; and preparedness of the social system such as strengthening of flood warning systems, preparation of a flood preparedness and evacuation plan, and construction of a Disaster and Emergency Operation center.

Valenzuela is considered as the northern gateway to Metro Manila. In terms of internal accessibility, the city has about 993 networks of city roads. These are, however, generally narrow and insufficient in absorbing the volume of vehicles plying the city. There are also quite a number of dead ends brought about by a weak spatial planning framework.

The city is inherently susceptible to flooding. Several flood control structures have already been constructed, particularly in the flood prone areas. The city’s drainage facilities include concrete‐lined canals, open ditches, sidewalk gutters and river dikes. However, these drainage structures are unable to cope with the increasing water discharges and surface run‐off. Some of these structures are already clogged while some were built with deficient outfalls.

Valenzuela city officers participating in the CIIPP workshop.

Valenzuela city officers participating in the CIIPP workshop.

Based on Valenzuela’s City Infrastructure Investment Programming and Prioritization (CIIPP) exercise held in October 2013, the city’s top two priority issues are flood management and construction of a Disaster Control Management and Emergency building. Hence, the targeted sector and proposed project is called “Integrated Flood Risk Management and Disaster and Emergency Operation Center.”

The PFS will prepare the proposed investment infrastructure for possible funding by the DPWH and/or international climate change financing to help the city achieve its flood mitigation targets. It will also identify local capacity gaps and provide interventions to upgrade the capability of the local technical team in developing pre‐feasibility studies for future infrastructure projects and recommend institutional changes to better address the implementation of plans.

The project is expected to have significant positive social and environmental impacts intended to protect the low‐lying areas of Valenzuela from the floods, which have been frequent and increasing in magnitude due to global warming and climate change. In particular, the poorer segments of the population who inhabit these low‐lying areas will benefit from the project.

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