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Cross-border Economic Cooperation Infrastructure Development Project, Yunnan Province, China

Applications are now being accepted for the expression of interest (EOI) of qualified companies to carry out the technical assistance for the Cross-border Economic Cooperation Infrastructure Development Project in Yunnan Province, China.

Lincang City is located in the south-western part of Yunnan province and shares its border with Myanmar for about 290 kilometres. Lincang is in the path of a shorter alternative route from Kunming to the Indian Ocean on the Kunming-Lincang (China)-Nashio-Kyauk Phyu (Myanmar) economic corridor. The Sino-Burmese cross-border area provides platform for bilateral trading, technical exchange, and logistic of goods for more than two decades and Lincang has an active interaction with neighbouring Myanmar. However, the cross-border infrastructures lag behind the economic and social development needs and this projects intent to bridge this situation.

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