CDIA joins Urban Development Roundtable on Sustainable Cities

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To help explore collaborative solutions to the most pressing urban challenges, CDIA, represented by Bernhard Dohle (Program Coordinator) and Nadir Ehsan (Senior Municipal Development Specialist), joined a roundtable on sustainable cities in Zurich, Switzerland, 27-28 March.

ETH Zurich, one of the leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences, in collaboration with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), brought together some of the world’s major players and funders of urban development, including the World Bank, the Cities Alliance, CDIA, and the Inter-American Development Bank – organizations with a decisive impact on how questions of urban development are framed, how funds are targeted, and how decision-makers at the city level prioritize and deliver major projects and programs.

By connecting the participants to each other with exciting urban research happening at ETH such as the Future Cities Lab, the roundtable aimed to identify synergies and demonstrate how universities can contribute not only through cutting edge design and technology, but also by educating the next generation of city-shapers. The discussions confirmed that ETH Zurich must train students to work across technical, economic, and governmental divides. By the end of the event, it was clear to all participants that more integrated urban development solutions demand the kind of coordination, knowledge sharing and collaborative trend forecasting the roundtable facilitated.

For more details, go to the ETH Zurich blog

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