Asian Cities to Strengthen Peer-to-Peer Learning on Urban Infrastructure Innovations

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CDIA will hold a workshop on “Investing in Asia’s Urban Future: Strengthening City-to-City Learning,” 24-26 November in Manila, Philippines.

The workshop aims to highlight when, where, and how cities with CDIA intervention have shared their CDIA experiences; refine the knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning methodologies to become more effective, creative, and reach a wider audience; and bring together CDIA stakeholders to support the take-off of the CDIA Centers of Learning.

About 25 participants from 10 cities that CDIA has worked with are expected to attend. The 3-day event will include sessions on effective knowledge sharing, peer-to peer learning modalities, and clinics on how to write and sell your story, and photo-documentation tips. It will be capped with a site visit where participants can present their outputs.

CDIA offers a range of international expertise and advice that directly assist cities to move from strategic master plans to concrete policies and infrastructure projects — ready to be presented to financiers and project developers.

Mr. Bernhard Dohle, CDIA Program Coordinator explains “ Since its launch in 2007, CDIA has made direct impacts to more than 90 Asian cities through the implementation of its tools, conduct of capacity development workshops and linking cities to key partners. With a focused mandate on addressing urban infrastructure investment gaps, CDIA’s mechanisms and approaches benefited the local authorities and over the years, they have been sharing the skills and knowledge gained not only within their jurisdiction but also to other cities.”

Other events for next week include the CDIA/Rockefeller/ ICLEI Urban Resilience Meeting, the CDIA Stakeholders Forum, the CDIA mini-retreat, and the CDIA Inc. Board of Trustees Meeting.

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