CDIA Highlights and Milestones 2014

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CDIA Joins The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance: As part of the Climate Change Summit held in New York on 23 September CDIA joined other institutions in declaring its commitment to providing solutions for urban climate finance as we became a member of The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance. Click here for more information about the joint statement.

Stephen Hammer, World Bank lead specialist for cities and climate change, said, “The Alliance brings the value of collective action to attract investment. The idea is to get the conversation going and connect the full range of actors that need to be involved, sharing knowledge so successful examples can be replicated. Assessing the challenges that cities and financial institutions face to mobilize investments, and working with the private sector, as well as national and international public financial institutions, to scale-up financial products are some of the activities that we need to take on together.” Click here for the full story on the World Bank Web site.

Global Infrastructure Basel Report Underlines Importance of Project Preparation: A report by GIB, “Unleashing Private Capital Investments for Sustainable Infrastructure Greenfield Projects, Scoping Study regarding the Early Stage Project Preparation Phase”, is another example of a research initiative underlining the importance of solid project preparation (in particular in the framework of private sector financing), this further strengthens CDIA’s work in medium-sized Asian cities. Click here for the full report.

CDIA: “…important and very efficient experience…” says World Economic Forum Report: CDIA is mentioned as “ an important and very efficient experience” (page 20) in the World Economic Forum report on Accelerating Infrastructure Delivery New Evidence from International Financial Institutions.
Read the news release here, and download the report here.

CDIA’s Relevance Seen in G20 Development Working Group and Adam Smith International Reports: In the G20 Development Working Group Report on Infrastructure Agenda and Response to the Assessments of Project Preparation Facilities in Asia and Africa in 2014, the group argues there is a need to significantly increase the resources devoted to project preparation to improve their quality and to facilitate increased infrastructure development. The G20 Development Working Group strongly advocates actions to strengthen the upstream capacity for project preparation and those aimed at maximising the effectiveness of PPFs to prepare quality projects for financing from a range of sources, including through public private partnerships (PPPs). Click here for the full report.

The Adam Smith International report for G20 on “Evaluating the effectiveness of Project Preparation Facilities (PPFs) in Asia in promoting long-term investment financing for infrastructure: “CDIA is the only example found of a PPF that focuses on activities prior to the feasibility study stage of project preparation.” See Page 67 in the full report.

Calderon/Stern Report Summarizes the Importance of CDIA’s Work: The latest Calderon/Stern report entitled “Better Growth, Better Climate” summarizes the urban dimensions and the importance of CDIA’s work in this field.

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