GIZ Management Officials Visit CDIA-China

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As part of his trip to China to prepare for the bilateral dialogue on development cooperation between Germany and China, Dr. Christoph Beier (seated, 4th from left), Vice-Chair of GIZ the Management Board, visited the CDIA China office in Shanghai on 18 March. Being one of the proponents in the creation of CDIA, Dr. Beier was interested in the evolution and future of CDIA, particularly its accomplishments in China, as one of the most important urban programs of GIZ in the region.

Mr. Adolfo Guerrero (standing, right), Head of the China Office, presented CDIA’s achievements, emphasizing lessons learned, the impacts of CDIA’s intervention in Chinese cities, and CDIA’s competence in its regional cooperation with Chinese cities. Banking on CDIA’s experience, GIZ regional programs can be promoted in China.

CDIA is providing substantial assistance to Chinese cities on project preparation to make projects bankable, and on Public-Private Partnership (PPP), as a mechanism to increase the investment potential and create efficiencies and innovation. Dr. Beier showed a keen interest on PPP’s development in China and Asia and the role that CDIA is playing with cities in this field. After reviewing the work CDIA has done, he appreciated the trademark that CDIA has built during the past years and encouraged GIZ and CDIA to jointly make more use of it.

On 7 April, the new GIZ China Country Director, Dr. Oliver Auge, and Deputy Country Director, Dr. Juergen Steiger, also visited the CDIA China office. CDIA is seen as a very interesting initiative within GIZ regional program for its focus on Urban Infrastructure Development, particularly under the current fast urbanization process in China. CDIA Program Coordinator Mr. Joris Van Etten also participated in this meeting during his visit to the Nodal Office. CDIA’s demand-driven accomplishment in the city interventions and the cost recovery mechanism were regarded as a highly innovative approached among GIZ urban programs.

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