Mysore City Corporation Gives Green Light for CDIA Resilient Project Development

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At a workshop in Mysore City, India on 30 January, stakeholders from the Mysore City Corporation, Mysore Urban Development Authority, local NGOs/CSOs, and other concerned citizens, heartedly endorsed a Pre-Feasibility Study for a resilient, integrated, storm water drainage project. The proposal, developed by USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific in partnership with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability – South Asia and CDIA, responds to the projected impacts of climate change highlighted in Mysore City’s resilience strategy, which was developed through the Rockefeller Foundation Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network.

The proposal team presented the benefits of a resilient, integrated, approach to storm water drainage that could include sewerage and solid waste management elements, flood retention ponds, vegetated or rock drains instead of reinforced concrete, landscaping and bike paths, community awareness programs, and links to external and domestic financing. The workshop concluded by laying out the next steps, which will culminate with a team from USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific and CDIA to undertake the study no later than June 2015.

The photo shows the existing urban drainage in Mysore City. The proposed integrated drainage project will increase the capacity of urban drainage and address drainage problems exacerbated by the disposal of solid waste and the discharge of untreated sewage into open drains, thereby reducing the negative impacts predicted to occur as a result of increasing floods caused by climate change.

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