UNEP Publication: Demystifying Private Climate Financing

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What is private finance? Where and how does it connect with climate change mitigation and adaptation? And how can it be mobilized by public actors? Find the answers to these questions by reading the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) publication: Demystifying Private Climate Financing.

While it analysizes particularly the options and bottlenecks for mobilizing private sector financing for climate and environmental projects it is also helpful to understand how private sector contributions can be mobilized in general.

Using three case studies – large-scale, grid-based, renewable energy; energy efficiency improvements in corporate operations and production processes; and ‘climate-proofing’ existing infrastructure – it explains where and how exactly private finance fits into the diverse and complex landscape of climate change mitigation and adaptation. From this, the report offers a series of practical suggestions on the factors that need to be considered by national and international negotiators and policymakers when designing and implementing interventions, instruments, and mechanisms aimed at mobilising private climate finance.

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