CDIA PFS In Palu, Indonesia Focuses On Developing Palu Bay

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In 2013 and 2014 the city of Palu, among others in Indonesia, received technical assistance for prioritizing their urban infrastructure investments.

In Palu, an attractive and fast growing city situated at the end of a long, narrow bay in Central Sulawesi in Indonesia, the objective of CDIA’s Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) work is to follow up on the opportunities and needs identified in the Swedish government funded SymbioCity report which concentrated on development of Palu Bay. This prioritization work has been the focus of the Inception period of CDIA’s work which will culminate this October, in the identification of one or two priority infrastructure requirements that shall be the subject of PFS investigation and analysis.

There are a wide range of infrastructure interventions that can have a positive effect on improving the attractiveness and quality of the city’s bay front – improved wastewater and drainage, better transport links, creation and ‘greening’ of public spaces, etc. – and the first objective of the study is to identify which of these infrastructure activities potentially has the greatest impact.

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