CDIA Probolinggo City PFS Now In Its Interim Report Stage

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Following through with CDIA’s work in Indonesia, the Probolinggo project on Solid Waste Management is now in its Interim Report stage which means that alternative waste disposal options have been identified and a draft business case has been prepared for each.

Probolinggo is a green and attractive city located in Central Java approximately 100 km east of Surabaya. The Probolinggo Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS), which was initiated through coordination and follow-up from the Swedish funded SymbioCity program, concerns finding an appropriate long term solution to managing solid waste disposal for the city given that the existing site is already almost full and a temporary adjacent site (that is presently being prepared) will only last for 2 to 3 years. These options include developing a new landfill site within the city boundaries and developing a regional landfill site that could deal with waste from Probolinggo City, Probolinggo Region and, potentially, one or more neighbouring Regions.

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