CDIA Stakeholders’ Forum Expert Group And Advisory Panel Meeting Focus On CDIA’s Future Direction

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On 24 November 2015, CDIA assembled its Stakeholders’ Forum Expert Group (SHF EG) to collect demand-side feedback on CDIA services, and its Advisory Panel (AP) to seek strategic advice on how CDIA should best fulfill its long-term aim of contributing to improved environmental and adequate living conditions for all in medium sized Asian cities. The SHF EG is comprised of representatives from CDIA’s partner cities, local and regional partners, and the private sector, whereas the AP is a group of eminent persons in urban development.

The 2-day forum discussed issues including development trends in Asia, the importance of regional ownership of CDIA, and the challenges of CDIA client cities in linking infrastructure projects to financing, among others. The SHF EG emphasized that urbanization in Asia is unique and requires indigenous responses, and they highlighted prospects for CDIA to meet the demand of medium-sized Asian cities. In addition, the AP recommended that as CDIA enters its 10th year in 2017, it can avail from its decade of experience in shaping of a vision for its future direction. Furthermore, the AP advised to explore opportunities beyond the core mandates of CDIA, engage with more developed Asian cities to enhance regional ownership, and establish strategic alliances for advocacy and capacity development activities.

Providing the impetus to ensure suitable ways how the SHF EG and AP counsel advice can be taken into consideration in CDIA operations, the 150th CDIA Programme Review Committee deliberated on the recommendations during its meeting at the end of the 2-day gathering. Two important milestones were the approval of the revised CDIA Operational Guidelines which now allows CDIA to work on cluster approaches, and the revision of the PRC protocol on the criteria for PRC membership.

More information on CDIA, including its governance structure and steering committee, go to the CDIA Web site.

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