CDIA Outlines Its Work On Climate Finance At The 2nd Resilient Cities Asia Pacific Congress

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The 2nd Resilient Cities Asia Pacific Congress was successfully organized by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia and hosted by the City of Melaka, Malaysia from 2-4 March 2016. More than 300 delegates representing ICLEI’s member cities and partners in Asia, with a few representatives from North America and Africa, participated in the plenary, parallel sessions, site visits, and a formal dinner arranged by the state.

In the Opening Plenary for Day 2 on Climate Finance, Joris van Etten, ADB-CDIA Program Manager, was a panelist and mentioned the work of CDIA and introduced the Project Screening Tool co-developed with The Rockefeller Foundation and in consultation with financiers, cities, and other regional stakeholders. A well-attended CDIA parallel session followed, moderated by Joy Bailey, GIZ-CDIA Senior Advisor on Environment and Resilience.

Discussing the gap in accessing climate finance, the resource persons consisted of Mr. Vic Aquitania, ICLEI Southeast Asia Director, who explained the Climate Resilience Strategy tool and process which they help cities with, Mrs. Katharina Schneider-Roos, Deputy Director of Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) who introduced the Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure (SuRe®), Dr. Tatiana Gallego-Lizon, Director, ADB SERD, who talked about ADB’s modalities and requirements for investments in climate-resilient urban infrastructure, Mrs. Colleene Lacsamana from Baguio City, Philippines who presented her city’s experience with support provided by ICLEI and CDIA on their CRS and piloting the Project Screening Tool, Mr Sunandan Tiwari, the ICLEI South Asia Deputy Director who informed about the CRS process in Mysore, India, followed by Sarah Schneider from CDIA presenting the piloting of the tool in Mysore on behalf of the Commissioner who was unable to join the conference.

Various cities and other parties immediately requested for a copy of the instrument. ICLEI South Asia and South East Asia both confirmed to use the tool. The Congress also served as an opportunity to discuss bilaterally the direction of CDIA and ICLEI’s cooperation and the renewal of their MOU.

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