Does Your City Have A Climate Resilience Strategy Or A Climate Action Plan But Lost On How To Proceed?

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To address the specific gap between a City Resilience Strategy (CRS) or climate action plan and the identification of financing for project implementation, CDIA and The Rockefeller Foundation collaborated with financiers, planners, and pilot cities in Asia to create a “project screening checklist” for the quality control of CRS from the perspective of potential investors. The tool is free, however, CDIA requests that you acknowledge the authors for use of the material if the output are to be presented in print and/or in events. For enquiries, you may write to

This has been developed in consultation with regional stakeholders such as the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN), Asian Development Bank (ADB), ARUP, Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB), ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, International Finance Corporation (IFC), KfW Development Bank, Mercy Corps, 100 Resilient Cities, UN-HABITAT, Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund (UCCRTF), and the World Bank.

Your City is not alone facing the challenge. The magnitude of infrastructure investments required in most Asian cities, coupled with the lack of capacity such as financial resources, organization structures, and staffing levels in the city, is acknowledged as an obstacle to urban development. This is more evident for climate-resilient project planning and implementation. Comprising of Four Screens, the project screening tool that comes with a user guide is designed for easy use by local governments.

Screen 1: Have investment projects been identified and prioritized?
Screen 2: Have investment projects been adequately profiled?
Screen 3: Have potential sources of financing been adequately screened and assessed for investment suitability?
Screen 4: Have municipal finances been reviewed and the ability of municipal government to secure financing for climate resilient investments assessed?

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