ADB Publication GrEEEn Solutions for Livable Cities Mentions CDIA

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ADB’s March 2016 publication “GrEEEn Solutions for Livable Cities” mentions CDIA several times in the context of infrastructure financing and the CIIPP toolkit:

“Cities in Asia seeking advice on linking such planning activities with actual infrastructure financing have been supported by the Cities
Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA). This kind of city–development agency partnership enters at the stage between planning and
project feasibility, in order to realistically assess what investment projects are feasible and most strongly aligned with a city’s development
needs, while having positive impacts on the economy, environment, and equity of a city. In addition to this prioritization of infrastructure
investments (City Infrastructure Investment Programming and Prioritization [CIIPP] Toolkit), CDIA undertakes prefeasibility studies and
advises city managers on how they can strengthen their projects’ readiness for financing.”

The book, by Sonia Chand Sandhu, Ramola Naik Singru, John Bachmann, Vaideeswaran Sankaran, and Pierre Arnoux, features “practical ways on how urban managers, development practitioners, businesses, and citizens can engage to make cities more livable by building on the city’s unique physical, social, cultural, economic and human resource assets.” Click here for the summary.

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