CDIA Releases Its Updated Gender Strategy And Action Plan

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In support of its commitment towards gender equality, CDIA recently released its updated “Gender Strategy and Action Plan.” The plan outlines not only the organization’s view on the need for gender balance and mainstreaming, but also specific and measurable courses of action for achieving gender equality within CDIA and its partners.

In particular, CDIA hopes to contribute to gender equality in three ways:

  • Ensuring gender balance within CDIA and its partners;
  • Ensuring gender mainstreaming in CDIA interventions; and
  • Adopting institutional mechanisms and tools

The CDIA Gender Strategy and Action Plan is based on the notion that although  strategic investments in urban infrastructure have a great potential for gender impacts, still, many of these programs are gender blind. CDIA’s commitment lies then, on pursuing an integrated, holistic and cross-sectoral approach to infrastructure provision by paying close attention to cross-cutting social issues, of which gender is a central one.

Click here to view the CDIA Gender Strategy and Action Plan.

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