CDIA Finishes PFS on Integrated Wastewater Management Project

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CDIA has recently completed the Pre-feasibility Studies on the Integrated Wastewater Management Project for the cities of Baguio and San Fernando in the Philippines.

The completion of the PFS was made possible through the collaborative efforts between CDIA, the cities, national and local government agencies, and the water districts of both cities. Together, they determined the most appropriate options for reducing wastewater pollution and flooding, and ensuring a cleaner and safer urban environment.

Accordingly, the PFS identified structural and non-structural measures for addressing the wastewater needs of both cities. It further outlined key intended project outcomes, such as:

  • Sound long-term planning framework for wastewater management and drainage improvement established and operational;
  • Sustainable and improved sanitation and wastewater management services for all;
  • Increased wastewater collection and sewage treatment coverage;
  • Reduced incidence and duration of flooding; and
  • Improved and self-financing sanitation and wastewater management services.
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