CDIA Wraps up PFS for Elderly Care in Yichang City, China

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CDIA endeavors to serve the needs of the most vulnerable segments of the population; and through a recently concluded pre-feasibility study (PFS) in Yichang City, China, CDIA is set to provide a wider range of better quality care services to Yichang’s elderly population through its proposed integrated elderly care facilities.

The PFS recommended the setting up of one reference facility and three community facilities in the Xiling District that will altogether provide for the aged population a full range of in-patient and outpatient health, home, and day care services, which are currently insufficient in both quality and volume to meet the demands of the growing elderly population of the city. As of May 2016, Yichang urban area accounts for 147,926 people over 60 years of age. It can increase to over 30% within the next 10 years. In relation to it, Yichang’s total urban population accounts for 1.34 million.

The reference facility is envisaged to have a 600-bed capacity that will serve the residential care needs of the aged who are generally frail and requiring various professional nursing care assistance.

The three consolidated community facilities on the other hand are targeted to have 320-, 200- and 135-bed capacities, respectively, which will offer various care services for the elderly, including home and day care services for seniors who remain at home yet require specific assistance.

In order to provide good quality health care for the elderly, China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) has set 30% as a target for the nursing bed ratio (number of nursing bed/total number of beds). In Yichang, this ratio is not even up to 10%. The proposed facilities are expected to increase this proportion to be able to effectively and efficiently provide the much-needed nursing care services for the aged.

The PFS further identified public-private partnership schemes that the City government may pursue to implement the project. The City government is also expected to apply for the Asian Development Bank’s Results-based Loan for some of its construction requirements, to be disbursed upon the delivery of specific milestones.

“This project presents a unique opportunity for CDIA to address one of the key challenges for Asia in the future, which is how to support its aging population,” said CDIA-ADB Program Manager Joris van Etten, who headed the PFS Team. “It is also a project that we’re hoping could open up other possibilities being the first CDIA PFS in China directly linked to a PPP deal and an ADB loan,” he added.

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