CDIA Networking Event at Habitat III Offers Practical Insights on Financing Local Infrastructure

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Not only did Habitat III pave for the adoption of the New Urban Agenda and The Quito Implementation Plan, it likewise served as a venue for the over 400 networking side- and training events organized by various stakeholders on topics surrounding NUA and sustainable development.

CDIA and the ADB delegation organized and participated in six events, including the networking event on “Linking Cities to Finance: Strengthening Local Capacities to Invest in the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda,” held 19 October 2016.

Unlike conventional panel discussions, CDIA sought to maximize learning and exchange by allowing the participants to discuss and work together in addressing specific questions and challenges pertaining to financing urban infrastructure projects.

One of the participants, Mr. R.D. Siahaya City Manager of Jayapura in Indonesia, provided a case for which participants of the networking event devised strategies on how to finance the necessary infrastructure to address the housing needs of 60,000 slum dwellers.

The practical approach taken by CDIA in the networking event was well-received by the 60 participants who recognized the need to be proactive in looking for financing options for their infrastructure projects.

As cities are faced with the growing gap between meeting their infrastructure needs and the resources available to implement their projects, they saw the event as an opportunity to explore the benefits of various available financing sources, and devise strategies to address specific problems that are relevant to their respective cities.

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