CDIA Releases its Photobook “Investing in Asia’s Urban Future”

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CDIA has worked with 116 cities across Asia in providing the much needed infrastructure and services for their rapidly growing population. To tell how Asian cities, with help from CDIA are taking steps towards sustainable urban development, CDIA published the photobook titled, “Investing in Asia’s Urban Future.”

The book features stories from the Cities of Naga (Philippines), Pimpri (India), Islamabad (Pakistan) and Tangerang (Indonesia). Each story is a reflection of the tremendous efforts made by Asian cities in addressing developmental challenges such as flood and drainage, water supply, transport, and solid waste, respectively.

It further describes how the support of CDIA has enabled cities to effectively move from planning into actual implementation of their infrastructure investment projects.

For example, the Naga River in Naga City used to be polluted and unsafe, and frequent flooding occurred due to the outfall of the drainage system. CDIA brought in the technical experts and suggested to come up with an integrated solution by making flood management a key infrastructure investment. The pre-feasibility studies (PFSs) done by CDIA thereafter influenced the city’s investment and development decisions. The PFS was also elemental in securing USD 14.48 Million worth of investment from the National Government for the said project.  

Four years after, more than 20,000 households, 40 per cent of which are poor, are already benefiting from the flood protection and mitigation project implemented by the Naga City government. Additionally the project was able to create 26,000 jobs, and helped to relocate to a safer place, 199 households who used to suffer flooding along the Naga River.

“We are hopeful that the book would serve as a great source of inspiration and innovative responses for other cities in achieving sustainable development for their people,” said Mrs. Claudia Hermes, CDIA-GIZ Program Coordinator.

Click here to access the photobook.

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