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GIZ Transformation – Urban Opportunities – Climate Change (TUrbOCliC) Working Group Members and other interested urban and climate colleagues from GIZ, as well as collaborators / partners from the development community are invited to the third webinar of the TUrbOCliC Webinar Series 2016 on 29th November 2016, at 9:30 –11:00 Central European Time (8:30 – 10:00 UTC).

The webinar series aims to explore new topics, and exchange experiences and good practices among members and other interested colleagues pertaining to urban governance and building resilience, low carbon development and capacity development methodologies, among others. This upcoming webinar will be about “Innovations and Impacts of Inclusive and Equitable Cities.”

Looking to the Habitat III conference and the “New Urban Agenda”, the “Right to the City” is certainly a prominent, but also a contentious topic. In the discussion, certain questions emerge: what are the key issues about social inclusion leading into the New Urban Agenda? What is the role of planning and governance in social inclusion and the right to the city? How is GIZ dealing with the topic, and what could be expected in the future? What are innovative approaches and how can impacts be measured in the context of inclusive cities?

Relative to these questions, the upcoming webinar will present and discuss the experiences of GIZ with the topic Inclusive and Equitable Cities, by presenting three case studies as well as the innovation and impacts of current related programs.

Interested participants may register by sending an email to Ms. Luciana Maia through

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